Welcome to my page!

My name is Natalia, in the world of figure skating is better known as Natasha Ponarina.

Once I was just a fan of this beautiful sport, and then it turned into a profession.

It is no secret that if you love your job, you work easily and in pleasure.
I can easily spend 11 hours on a cold rink for several days in a row during the competition. I am devoted to my work and get great pleasure from the smiles of the heroes of the photos when they see my work, when i communicate with them and their families and friends.

In March 2020 I will celebrate the 15th anniversary of my work as a photographer in figure skating.  

I'm interested

to photograph competitions from children's to international, the training process, rehearsals, creating of programs, ice shows and performances. To watch the life of skaters from the first starts and first victories there or at international level... and after the end of their sports career I continue to save a photo story - performances in ice shows or as coach.

About me. Russian figure skating photographer from Saint-Petersburg

I am the only russian FS photographer who collaborates with leading European shows and is published in almost all well-known figure skating media of Russia-Europe-World. 

I have extensive experience in photo reporting:

  • 📷 of children's competitions in St. Petersburg
  • 📷 of European, World , Junior World championships , Cup of Russia
  • 📷 of the most famous ice shows in Russia, Italy, Switzerland
  • 📷 of practices and training camps
  • 📷 of Adult's competitions

Collaborate with Alexei Mishin for his new book
Collaborate with many schools of FS in St. Petersburg 

The photos were used for advertising purposes (on the website, banners, postcards at FS St. Petersburg schools, manufacturers of skates Graf, Risport, Edea and Italian fashion for figure skating Thuono.

Photos, since 2005 have been published

📎 in magazines and newspapers: «Doppio Axel» (Italy), «International Figure Skating» (USA), «L.E.D.», «Фигурное Катание», «Мир ФК», «Ваш досуг», «Советский спорт в Санкт-Петербурге», «Санкт-Петербургские ведомости», «Зенит-Life»

📎 Official magazines of Russian Nationals 2017 and Art on Ice (Switzerland)

📎 at news on-line media www.insideskating.netwww.ice-dance.comwww.artonice.itwww.absoluteskating.comwww.goldenskate.comwww.twofortheice.com

📎 at website of Federation of FS on skates in Russia www.fsrussia.ru and SPb www.fskating.spb.ru

📎 at official websites of stars of figure skating